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Sprint Review

The Sprint Review is an inspect-adapt point at the end of the Sprint. During the Sprint Review, customers and stakeholders examine what the teams built during the Sprint and discuss changes and new ideas. Together the Teams, Product Owner and users/customers/stakeholders decide the direction of the product.

Overview of the Sprint Review

The Sprint Review is the occasion for all of the teams to review the one potentially shippable Product Increment together. The focus is on the whole product.


Inspect-Adapt and not Inspect-Accept

The most common mistake in a Sprint Review is to focus on the Product Owner accepting items from the teams. This is a misunderstanding of the purpose of the Sprint Review and moves it away from empirical process control towards finding blame. The Sprint Review is an opportunity for everyone to collaborate about the product.

Sprint Review Bazaar

The Sprint Review is best conducted using a diverge-converge meeting pattern. During the diverge periods, use a bazaar. This is analogous to a science fair: A large room has multiple areas, each staffed by team representatives, where the items developed by a team are shown and discussed. Stakeholders visit areas of interest.

During the converge periods, stakeholders summarize their opinions from the bazaar. A subset of items may be inspected on a common computer projector during this time, also.

There may be multiple diverge-converge cycles.