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Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum in LeSS is done per team and is no different than in single-team Scrum.

The Team will spend 15 minutes together, during which each team member answers three questions:

  • What did I do yesterday?
  • What will I work on today?
  • What is in my way?

This gives the Team the information they need to take a shared responsibility and manage themselves to achieve their Sprint goal. The Daily Scrum is a meeting for the Team, not for the Scrum Master or managers.

In LeSS, the Daily Scrum can be used for coordination between teams by having people from other teams join in to observe. Based on information learned during the Daily Scrum, team members may decide to have follow up discussions outside the Daily Scrum.

Another coordination technique related to the Daily Scrum is the Scrum of Scrums, which tends to happen 3 times a week. In the Scrum of Scrums, representatives of each team (team members who are actually involved in doing the work and not the Scrum Master) meet to decide what coordination is needed across teams. The Scrum of Scrums usually follows a similar format as the single-team Daily Scrum except that it focuses on things relevant to interaction between teams. The Scrum of Scrums in not recommended in LeSS, but if it works for you then keep it.